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Investing in Wirral first aid training is essential for your business’ success. Nobody can predict when a workplace emergency will occur, but first aid training courses, such as emergency first aid, can help you be prepared.

According to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, employers must provide all employees who are injured at work with immediate attention. The Act further requires that employers provide appropriate and adequate equipment, facilities and staff to respond appropriately to workplace injuries. Having designated first aiders on site is the simplest way to ensure that your workplace is HSE compliant and creating an environment in which employees feel safe to work.

Completing a three-day first aid training course in Wirral will give you the necessary skills to respond appropriately in cases of emergency. First aiders are taught techniques and procedures to assist when a member of your team falls ill or is injured until the professionals arrive.

Why Should You Undertake Workplace First Aid Training?

Ensuring that your workforce has the correct number of qualified first aiders on site is a legal requirement. The legally required number of qualified first aid employees at your workplace depends on the number of employees you have. According to the HSE, you must have a trained first aider for every 5 to 50 employees and every 50 employees thereafter.

Although the HSE advises on the minimum number of first aiders your Wirral business needs, firms are encouraged to get as many team members as possible to complete the first aid training courses. Doing so creates a safer working environment as you won’t have to wait for one designated employee to arrive on the scene when an emergency unfolds. When an injury does occur, there will be more trained personnel to respond timeously.

First aid training is an investment in your employees’ skill set. It is helpful for individuals, businesses, and communities. The training your employees receive will not just be used in the workplace. The life-saving techniques taught at the first aid training course, such as a mental health first aid course, can be implemented anywhere, at any time.

What are the Benefits of Completing First Aid Training?

Investing in Wirral first aid training will be incredibly beneficial for your business. It can reduce the occurrence of workplace accidents and can create a positive working environment.

After completing a first aid training course (or a refresher first aid course if they already have a certificate), your team members will be more safety-conscious. They will be more aware of workplace hazards and how to avoid them, decreasing workplace injuries and increasing productivity and performance.

A safer working environment is a happier working environment. When employees can perform their daily tasks without fear of injury, they can produce high-quality work. By investing in first aid training for your employees, you’ll also demonstrate that you are committed to your workforce’s wellbeing.

Employee satisfaction impacts retention rates and overall business performance. Making investments in your employees’ interests is an excellent way to show your commitment to your team’s workplace health and safety.

First Aid Courses in Wirral

To enjoy the benefits of first aid training, you must choose a first aid course provider in Wirral that is accredited and experienced.

TL Training has over a decade of experience in delivering workplace health and safety training. We have prepared teams in Wirral and across the UK for unforeseen emergencies with our first aid training courses. Our programmes are interactive, informative and can even be used to promote team building.

Get in touch with us today at [email protected] to find out more about our different first aid training courses in Wirral. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0151 343 0588 to book a first aid course for your team.

If you have any questions about a specific course then please get in touch.
We’ll be happy to discuss your training requirements.

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