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First Aid Glossary

Inflammation: When a certain part of the body becomes reddened, inflamed or swollen

Injury: Harm or damage that occurs to the body after an accident

Insulin: A hormone made in the pancreas which allows the body to store sugars. This hormone struggles in diabetes

Laceration: A deep cut or tear to the skin

Laxative: A substance that can be used to loosen stools and encourage bowel movement

Ligament: This is a band of tissue that connects bones or cartilage to support and strengthen joints

Mini-Stroke: Also referred to as Transient Ischaemic Attack. This occurs when blood supply to the brain is temporarily disrupted. These affect individuals differently

Nausea: This is a feeling of unease or needing to vomit

Overdose: This is a biological response to when the body receives too much of a substance or mix of substances. This may be accidental or intentional and can be life-threatening

Paediatrics: Medical care for those who are children to the age of 18

Paracetamol: This is a drug that can be used for mild to moderate pain relief

Pharmacy: A dispensary in which drugs and other medical supplies are prepared and sold/distributed

Poison: A substance that is very harmful to the body. Poison can cause severe organ damage or even death if ingested, breathed in or injected into the body

Pulmonary: This is to do with the lungs

Prescription: A recommended treatment or drug given by a doctor or medical expert

Pulse: The rhythmic beating in the arteries caused by the beating of the heart

Recovery Position: When somebody is unconscious but breathing they should be put into this position. This enables the airways to stay clear and open and not allow any substance to block them, which could lead to choking

Rescue Breaths: Blowing air into an unconscious casualty through their nose or mouth. This will allow the chest to rise and get air into the lungs

Respiration: Put simply, respiration is breathing

Re-Oxygenate: Providing someone with more oxygen

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