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At the beginning of each of our first aid courses, we usually ask the trainees “What is first aid?”. We always receive a variety of responses, however, the most popular answer is “it’s the first person on the scene”. Whilst this answer is not incorrect, it is fair to say there is a little more to it than that!

First aid refers to the emergency or immediate care you should provide when a person is injured or ill until full medical treatment is available. For the most part, first aid care may be enough for minor conditions. For any serious problems, first aid should be continued until more advanced medical care becomes available.

Providing first aid can mean the difference between life and death. If someone requires medical attention begin by introducing yourself to the injured or ill person. Explain that you are a first aider and are willing to help them. The casualty must give you permission to help them. Do not touch them until they agree to be helped. If you come across a confused person or a casualty who is critically injured or ill, you can assume that they would want you to help them. This is known as ‘implied consent’.

first aid wirralDefinition of First Aid

On our first aid courses, we tend to say “First Aid is immediate temporary medical care for someone experiencing a sudden injury or illness”.

We also always explain that the first aider has three priorities:

  • •  Preserve Life – Stop the casualty from dying. Keep everyone alive. Basic ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
  • •  Prevent Further Worsening –  Stop the casualty from getting any worse by treating their injuries. Also managing the incident, to prevent the situation worsening.
  • •  Promote Recovery –  Try to help the person feel better by talking to them and supporting them emotionally.


On a First Aid training course, you are taught what is involved in each of the three Ps. The skills that are learnt are life skills which can be called upon both in and out of the workplace.

What Is A First Aider?

A first aider is someone who will have completed training appropriate to what is needed in their workplace. They will have a certificate of competence in either first aid at work, emergency first aid at work or another equivalent qualification.

There is a mandatory three-day course and a one-day option for small businesses. All qualified first aiders must attend a two-day requalification course every three years. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also suggests that refresher training taken annually would be beneficial to first aiders and their employers.

first aid chesterFirst Aid Training In Wirral

At TL Training we offer a range of First Aid courses in Wirral for businesses and individuals. Our selection of courses include the following:

  • •  1 Day Emergency First Aid At Work
  • •  3 Day First Aid At Work
  • •  2 Day First Aid At Work Requalification
  • •  First Aid Annual Refresher Course
  • •  2 Day Paediatric First Aid Course
  • •  Mental Health First Aid Course


Our popular first aid courses are provided by our expert team of accredited first aid trainers. Upon completion of our first aid courses, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to act fast in the event of an accident, confidently treat casualties swiftly and correctly, and be familiar with the many workplace incidents that can occur at any moment, and the proper measures to take in these incidents.

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