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As Liverpool’s leading paediatric first aid training provider, our mission is to equip parents, caregivers, and professionals with the essential skills and confidence to handle medical emergencies involving children.

We understand that when it comes to the wellbeing of children, there is no room for error; that’s why our courses, delivered by experienced and qualified trainers, adhere to the highest standards set by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC).

Our comprehensive, interactive approach ensures that you’ll be prepared to act swiftly and effectively in the critical moments when it matters most, safeguarding the precious lives of the little ones in your care.

Who Should Undergo Paediatric First Aid Training in Liverpool?

Paediatric first aid training is essential for a wide range of individuals who interact with children regularly, ensuring they are prepared to respond to medical emergencies confidently and effectively. One group that greatly benefits from this training includes parents and family members.

As primary caregivers, it’s crucial to possess the skills to recognise and manage potential health hazards or accidents that may occur in the home or during family outings.

Childcare professionals, such as teachers, nursery staff, childminders, and nannies, also need paediatric first aid training as part of their job requirements. These individuals are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children in their care and must be adept at handling various medical situations, from minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies.

In the UK, childcare providers must have staff members with valid paediatric first aid certification to meet Ofsted regulations and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

Lastly, paediatric first aid training is valuable for those who work or volunteer in organisations involving children, such as sports coaches, youth group leaders, and activity coordinators.

As accidents and medical emergencies can happen anywhere, having the necessary first aid skills empowers these individuals to act promptly and confidently, potentially saving a child’s life and ensuring the overall safety of the children in their charge.

What Skills Are Taught on a Paediatric First Aid Course in Liverpool?

TL Training offers the most popular certification for paediatric first aid, the Highfield Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid. This qualification is aimed at individuals wishing to become a paediatric first-aider in the workplace with a responsibility for the welfare of infants and children.

It’s specifically designed to meet the requirements for paediatric first aid outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. However, it may also be suitable for other early years practitioners, such as childminders or nannies. There’s also nothing to stop individuals and parents from taking it if they want to.

Topics include the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first-aider and providing first aid for an unresponsive infant or child. You will also learn how to administer first aid to a child with head and/or spinal injuries or who is choking or suffering from anaphylaxis.

You should expect to undertake 15 hours of learning, with a minimum contact time, excluding breaks, of 12 hours over two days.

paediatric first aid wirral

Protect the Children in Your Care with Paediatric First Aid Training in Liverpool

Whether you’re a parent who lives in Liverpool or an early years teacher working in the Merseyside area, knowing how to administer first aid to a child in need is essential.

This HABC-accredited paediatric first aid course in Liverpool is for anyone caring for children, including:

  • • Parents
  • • Childminders
  • • Nursery staff
  • • Teachers
  • • Teaching assistants
  • • Playgroup leaders
  • • Nannies
  • • Au pairs
  • • Babysitters
  • And many more

If you want to advance your childcare career, or you simply want to feel more confident as a parent, our paediatric first aid course in Liverpool is for you.Click here to view the course information page, or book your place on the next available course here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0151 343 0588 to discuss your needs.

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