How to Choose a Fork Lift Truck?

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Since there are so many different types of forklift truck on the market, it can be difficult to select one that best meets your requirements. There are many things that need to be considered when choosing a forklift truck. From height to lift capacity to tire composition and fuel type, forklift types have various features. To help you choose the right forklift truck, the following factors should be taken into account.

Power Source

Forklift trucks run on different power sources including LPG, diesel, electric, and manual. To determine the right truck for your work, you have to determine the loads to be carried, the working environment, the intensity of use, and the need for travelling. For instance, if you need a forklift truck for a short distance and the transportation of low weights, you can opt for a manual truck. However, if heavier work needs to be done, an IC truck or 80-volt electric volt will be the right choice.

Working Environment

Another important point that needs to be considered is the working environment. Would the forklift truck work outdoors, indoors, or both? If the forklift truck is to be used outside, there are certain restrictions that you would need to know about. LPG is commonly used for outdoors. On the other hand, if LPG is used indoors, there is a need for the site to be well ventilated. When it comes to the outdoors, counterbalanced trucks are your best bet. As for indoors, manual or electric trucks are the way to go, whereas, a four-wheel electric counterbalanced truck is suitable for mixed-use.


Next, you need to take into account whether the fork lift truck would have a low usage or high usage. The intensity of use will determine the type of truck to opt for. Small pedestrian electric trucks and manual trucks are suggested for low-intensity use. For heavy use, an IC truck or 80-volt electric truck is your best option.


Stand-on, seated, and manual trucks are available for operation. The following factors should be taken into consideration; drive distance and space for manoeuvring. For instance, if you require a truck for handling light weights occasionally, you can go with a pedestrian or manual option. Generally, stand-on trucks are suitable for average drive distances and limited space.

Drive Distance

The significance of driving distance cannot be stressed enough. You should know how far the truck would need to travel every day. A stacker or pallet truck is fine for short distances but a sit-down model would be required for long-distance. As for medium distances, you can go with a stand-on truck.

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