How Much Does First Aid Training in Wirral Cost?

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Getting first aid training in Wirral should be a priority for business owners. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 requires that all employers create a safe working environment for their staff members.

It stipulates that employers have a responsibility to provide adequate and appropriate facilities, first aid kits, and provide medical care to injured staff members. They also have a responsibility to conduct a first aid needs assessment at their workplace to ensure that there are sufficient trained first aiders on-site at all times.

You shouldn’t take these regulations lightly. Failure to adhere to the HSE legislation could lead to serious fines, imprisonment, and can also put the lives of your staff at risk too. To prevent this outcome, employers should appoint an appropriate amount of employees to complete an accredited first aid course.

But how much does first aid training in Wirral cost? All businesses have specific budgets in place for training, and so it’s helpful to know how much you can expect to spend training your employees.

How Much Do First Aid Courses in Wirral Cost?

The price of your Wirral first aid course will depend on your location, the first aid training provider you choose, and your employee’s existing first aid accreditation.

First aid training is an investment and should only be completed at an accredited training provider, such as TL Training. Depending on the location and provider, your first aid training could cost:

Employees that do not have existing first aid certificates (or whose qualifications have expired) will have to complete a One-Day First Aid at Work or Three-Day First Aid at Work training course. First aiders who want to requalify can complete the First Aid Refresher course or the Two-Day First Aid at Work Requalification course. The HSE recommends that first aiders complete a refresher course annually.

How Many First Aiders Does Your Wirral Business Need?

It depends. The HSE’s first aid guidelines do not set specific rules regarding the number of first aiders your workplace should have. However, employers have been guided on the number of first aiders needed in low and high hazard workplaces.

Low Hazard

Low hazard workplaces, such as libraries or offices, with a maximum of twenty-five employees, must have at least one appointed person to take charge of first aid facilities and equipment during an emergency. The appointed person must contact emergency services too.

Workplaces with 25 or more employees should have at least one trained first aider on site per hundred employees. The first aider should receive the appropriate emergency first at work training for your business to be HSE compliant.

High Hazard

High hazard workplaces, such as chemical manufacturing plants, with five employees or less, must appoint at least one person to contact emergency services and take charge of first aid equipment and facilities during an emergency.

If your workplace has more than five employees, there must be at least one trained first aider on site for every fifty employees. The first aider must complete an Emergency First Aid at Work course or an Emergency First Aid at Work course for your business to be HSE compliant.

Why Book a First Aid Course at TL Training?

For your business to take advantage of the benefits of first aid training, your employees must receive high quality, HSE compliant first aid training.

TL Training is an HABC-accredited training provider. We have been providing first aid training to low and high hazard workplaces for more than a decade. Our first aid training is comprehensive and aims to prepare your workforce to respond with confidence during emergencies.

Whether your staff needs an emergency workplace first aid or Mental Health First Aid course, we can help. Our training courses are available on location or online, making them ideal for hybrid or remote offices.

Get in touch to book a first aid training course in Wirral for your employees. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 343 0588 or email us at [email protected], and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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