High and Low-Risk Workplaces in Wirral: What Are the First Aid Requirements?

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First aid training in Wirral should be a priority for all business owners. According to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers must provide an injured staff member with the adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities, and personnel. Employers that fail to meet the first aid compliance standards and place their employees’ lives at significant risk can be prosecuted by the HSE in serious cases.

However, the HSE Regulations are not specific about what “adequate and appropriate” means in reality. So, what exactly are the first aid requirements for your Wirral workforce? The best place to start is by assessing your workplace risk level.

What is Your Workplace Risk Level?

Before you can enrol your staff for first aid training in Wirral, you must know the risk level of your workplace. You can determine your risk level by conducting a first aid risk assessment.

The HSE categorises workplace first aid requirements based on risk levels. Low-risk environments are workplaces, such as offices or retail premises, where little to no physical tasks are completed daily. If your workplace is filled with equipment such as computers and desks, you would be categorised as a low-risk environment.

High-risk environments, on the other hand, are busy workplaces with heavy machinery and people. If you work at a construction site, manufacturing facility, or warehouse, the HSE categorises your workplace as high-risk.

How Many First Aiders Does My Wirral Workplace Need?

The number of first aiders your workplace needs is also influenced by the number of on-site employees. However, there are different first aid compliance standards for high and low-risk environments.

Here are the numbers you need to be paying attention to, as defined by the HSE.

Low-Risk Workplaces:

 PeopleFirst Aiders
Less than 25One appointed first aider
Up to 50One emergency first aider
Up to 100One first aider
Over 100One first aider for every 100 people

High-Risk Workplaces:

 PeopleFirst Aiders
Less than 5One appointed first aider
Up to 25One emergency first aider
Up to 50One first aider
Over 50One first aider for every 50 people

Choose TL Training for Your First Aid Training Needs

Once you have decided on the number of first aiders your workforce needs, it is essential to find an accredited first aid training provider that offers the courses you need.

At TL Training, we offer several different first aid courses for high and low-risk environments. Our one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course is ideal for nominated first aiders with no prior experience. During the course, the first aider will be taught how to conduct risk assessments, who to contact during an emergency, and how to use first aid equipment correctly, to name a few.

By contrast, our three-day First Aid at Work course teaches comprehensive life-saving skills. The course expands on the emergency first aid course and teaches participants essential skills such as how to help a casualty who has suffered a seizure, asthma attack, or another common medical emergency.

Once your first aiders have been certified, they must complete a two-day First Aid at Work Requalification course to renew their qualification. The HSE also recommends that certified first aiders complete an Annual First Aid Refresher Course to keep their life-saving skills fresh in their mind.

TL Training’s first aid courses equip all types of employees with essential life-saving skills. Our experienced trainers conduct interactive sessions that are both educational and fun.

Get in Touch to Book Your Wirral First Aid Training

If you are looking for high-quality first aid training Wirral, TL Training can help. We operate a Highfield-approved training centre and deliver a range of first aid courses, including Mental Health First Aid and Paediatric First Aid training courses.

Contact us today on 0151 343 0588 or email us at [email protected] to enquire about booking first aid training for your Wirral-based team.

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