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fork lift truck training flintshire

Flintshire County is in the North East of Wales, bordering the English county of Cheshire to the east, Denbighshire to the west and Wrexham to the south. It is named after the historic country of Flintshire and is considered part of the Welsh Marches and formed part of the historic Earldom of Chester and Flint. The county is governed by Flintshire County Council which is based in the county hall in Mold.

FLT Training In Flintshire

Forklift trucks allow for easy movement and storage of materials and are designed to make certain jobs simpler, and safer. However, when used by those who have not been properly trained, this equipment can become very dangerous.

Those coming into contact with forklift trucks should not only know how to use them, but also be aware of how to check and inspect for faults, to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

At TL Training, we understand how important your safety is. We also know that holding a forklift truck license is the mark of someone who can drive a forklift safely, efficiently and in a professional manner. These skills are admirable within the industry.

We offer a wide variety of RTITB training courses, available to those wishing to attend in Flintshire and North Wales. Our courses have been designed for operators on all types of forklift trucks. The duration of our courses stated is based on three people attending. Our expert team can also provide one to one training if necessary, which will reduce the number of course learning hours.

fork lift truck training flintshire

Benefits of Becoming a Fork Lift Truck Driver

New forklift Truck drivers can enjoy job security and competitive salaries thanks to current market conditions.

The increase in international trade and e-commerce has created a swell of demand within the logistics sector over the last five years. According to recent research, investors are allocating more to UK logistics than ever before. The increase in investment, e-commerce demand, along with the construction of new warehouses, means that forklift drivers can enjoy rock-solid job security.

The increase in demand has also led to more competitive salaries for forklift drivers. Logistics operators are seeing wage increases of up to 25% due to the current shortage of trained drivers.

Forklift drivers now stand to earn between £25,000-£30,000 once they are qualified and have a few years of experience under their belt. Trained drivers who operate specialised vehicles can earn even more and progress with further training.

Fork Lift Truck Training Courses In Flintshire

TL Training offers the following Fork Lift Training Courses in Flintshire:

Counterbalance Truck Training

The most common type of fork lift truck. Available as electric, gas or diesel powered and also available in a three wheeled model which is easily manoeuvred around narrow aisles. Counterbalance trucks have forks protruding from the front, allowing the truck to be driven up to the exact location of the load. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Reach Truck Training

Specially designed to offer maximum lift height and ‘reach’ out further than its stabilising legs. They are ideal for moving items from shelf to shelf inside a warehouse and are more suited for indoor use rather than outdoor use, as its low under-carriage can cause issues on uneven outdoor surfaces. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Pivot Steer Training

Multi functional machines due to their articulated mast. This truck resembles a standard fork lift, with the exception of an additional function, allowing it to swing the mast to a 90 degree angle to either side of the truck. (Duration: Novice 37.5 hrs, Experienced 20 hrs, Refresher 7.5 hrs, Conversion 15 hrs).

POET Training

POET (Pedestrian Operated Electric Truck) handles pallets at ground level. Typically used in warehouse areas and aisles, as well as loading and unloading docks. (Duration: Novice 2 days, Experienced 1 day, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 1 day).

VNA Training

Used for stacking loads, stock replenishment and medium to high level order picking. Operated in very narrow and high aisles, normally only steered by the operator when transferring from one stacking aisle to the other. The trucks are then automatically guided by wire, rail or radio guidance. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Tow Truck Training

These trucks are designed essentially to tow single or multiple trailers. They enable large amount of goods to be moved at the same time. Commonly used in transport applications (particularly airports) and the motor and manufacturing industries. (Duration: Novice 1 day, Experienced 1 day, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 1 day).

Rough Terrain & Industrial Telescopic Handler Training

Both designed to reach over any obstacle, making them extremely versatile and able to save space in loading and unloading spaces. Similar to a forklift in appearance, but mostly used in the same way as a crane. The rough terrain telescopic handler is used on farms, building sites, for waste disposal, logging or use in builder’s merchants. The industrial telescopic handler is useful in loading/unloading vehicles and trailers from one side only, therefore saving space. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Rough Terrain Masted Lift Truck Training

Widely used for moving material and goods. Used on uneven ground and commonly used within the land based industry. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Order Picker Training

Can be used both inside and outside the warehouse. Order pickers are categorised in 3 levels. Low level generally used for loads that can be picked up from ground level at ease and transported directly to a lorry, van, or other loading area. Medium level similar to small reach fork lift truck, but pickers are manoeuvred from a cage attached to the fork carriage, and pallets are used to manually handle items on and off the pallet. Can operate in very narrow aisles. High levels forks can be raised or lowered to maintain comfortable working height for loading items on the pallet. Training courses are available for each category, completion of high level order picker will enable delegates to operate all 3 categories. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Training

Often referred to as the manufacturers name of Moffett. Commonly used outside of the warehouse to unload the contents of the lorry it has been transported with. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Side Loader Fork Lift Truck Training

Commonly used for the transportation of difficult loads that cannot be carried by and ordinary counterbalance fork lift. Ideal for moving and stacking long loads and lengths of timbers. (Duration: Novice 5 days, Experienced 3 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Training

Often referred to as a lorry loader, or by the manufacturer name ‘Hiab’. Used to load and unload goods and pallets from the lorry on which it is mounted. (Duration: Novice 3 days, Experienced 2 days, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 2 days).

MEWP Training

Used both inside and outside of the warehouse when working at height is required by personnel. Allows work to be done in a safe and effective manner. (Duration: Novice 1 day, Experienced 1 day, Refresher 1 day, Conversion 1 day).

Why Choose TL Training for Forklift Training In Flintshire?

Forklift Trucks fulfil essential roles in many industries. But many operators are not appropriately trained, opening the door to forklift-related accidents and injuries. Although there is no official forklift licensing authority in the UK, employers still have a legal responsibility to promote workplace safety. That’s why forklift driver training should be at the top of your priority list.

At TL Training, we understand just how important it is to have a trained workforce. We have provided quality training to novice, intermediate, and experienced forklift operators spread across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our RTITB-accredited training is offered by experienced trainers, ensuring you leave our courses with the necessary confidence and knowledge to operate a forklift safely. We can also deliver forklift training on your business premises should you need us to.

Whether you’re new to the profession or require a refresher course, there’s a TL Training course for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our courses or to speak to one of our FLT training experts about your business requirements.

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