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First Aid Glossary

Rotation: To turn somebody

Scald: A scald is an injury that occurs when the skin comes into contact with a hot liquid or steam

Seizure: Abnormal or uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain which causes a seizure or convulsion

Shock: This is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow.

Semi-Conscious: When someone only responds slightly to pain

Soft Tissue: These are the tissues in the body that are not bone

Spinal Cord: This helps the brain to communicate with other parts of the body

Spinal Injury: An injury to the backbone or spine. This can cause paralysis in serious cases

Sprain: An injury to the muscles or ligaments

Stroke: A stroke is a serious and life-threatening medical condition. It occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is cut off. If somebody is having a stroke you must act FAST

Superficial: Something that is superficial is considered not very serious or threatening

Symptom: A feeling that someone experiences. Feeling unwell, or feeling different from how you usually would

Tetanus: A rare but serious condition caused by a certain bacteria getting into a wound. It is often characterised by spasm of muscles

Tendon: A fibrous, strong, connective tissue that connects muscle to bone

Thermometer: An instrument used to measure the temperature of something

Thoracic: Located in the chest area. It is the area in the rib cage containing the lungs

Trauma: A trauma can be considered physical or emotional injury resulting from a terrible accident or event

Unconscious: A state that someone who cannot respond to stimuli or pain is in

Unresponsive: Someone who is unresponsive can also be referred to as unresponsive

Vein: Tubes forming part of the blood circulation system of the body, carrying blood throughout the body

Ventricle: The ventricle is the lower chamber of the heart

Vertebrae/spine: The small bones that form the backbone

Vomit: This is when matter from the stomach is ejected via the mouth

Wound: An injury to living tissues usually characterized as cut or broken skin. Wounds can be open or closed

X-Ray: A digital image of the internal composition of something, especially a part of the body

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