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Are you prepared for an emergency first aid situation? It’s estimated that nearly 150,000 people in the UK die annually in situations where first aid could have made a difference.

When an emergency occurs, you need to stay calm, assess the situation, and provide the appropriate care correctly. Without accredited first aid training, you might not be able to provide the appropriate care while you wait for the medical professionals to arrive.

So, what will you learn at a first aid training course? Below we provide a guide to first aid training in Wirral. We discuss first aid, the benefits of first aid training, and finding an accredited first aid training provider in Wirral.

What is First Aid?

First aid refers to the emergency care that is given to an injured person. A first aid emergency can occur anywhere and at any time. An appropriately trained first aider is trained to administer first aid techniques and use first aid devices correctly to deliver medical support before paramedics arrive.
Some people think that it’s best to leave medical care to the professionals, but first aid training allows you to provide essential support that makes a significant difference to outcomes of medical emergencies.

After completing an accredited first aid course, you will know how to administer first aid correctly and confidently. The training will teach first aid response steps, including calling the correct medical emergency provider, identifying the injury or illness, and administering CPR.

Guidance for Administering First Aid in a Workplace Environment

When a first aid emergency occurs, first aiders must call 999 immediately and describe the casualty’s symptoms in detail to the handler. If a portable defibrillator is available at the scene, the first aider should ask bystanders to retrieve the device.

Whether a device is available or not, the first aider should administer CPR by chest compression, without rescue breaths. To reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19, you should use a towel or cloth to cover the casualty’s mouth and nose.

After delivering first aid, you should dispose of any used materials, such as disposable gloves or towels. You should also wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

What are the Benefits of First Aid Training?

There are many benefits to completing a first aid training course in Wirral. The course teaches potentially life-saving skills and promotes safety awareness.

The techniques you learn at first aid training can reduce a casualty’s recovery time and save their life too. When a casualty is unresponsive, is in cardiac arrest, or experiencing a seizure, it’s crucial to quickly administer the correct care. Waiting for the medical professionals to arrive before providing medical assistance could have devastating effects.

As a trained first aider, you will be aware of different safety risks and understand how to avoid them. Safety awareness can contribute to a safer working environment and can help reduce the number of workplace injuries. Outside of the workplace, you will be able to advise friends and family on making their homes safer.

Why Choose First Aid Training from TL Training?

TL training has over a decade of experience as a first aid training provider. Over the years, we have helped businesses and individuals create safer working and living environments through our life-saving training.

Our first aid training focuses on equipping participants with skills that they can use whenever an emergency arises. Our first aid training courses are interactive and engaging, ensuring that you’ll leave with the confidence to administer care correctly. In addition to workplace first aid, we also provide Mental Health First Aid training and Paediatric First Aid training.

To find the training course that matches your needs, contact us today. You can call us on 0151 343 0588 or email us at [email protected], and one of our team members will walk you through your first aid training options.

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