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The three P’s explain the main objectives of performing first aid. They explain the responsibilities of a first aider and remind them what their priorities should be when taking care of someone who is injured or has fallen ill.

Key Aims Of First Aid

The key aims of first aid are to:

Preserve Life

Overall, this should be the main aim for a first aider. First aiders must ensure that the scene is safe and there is no further risk of danger. Once this has been done, the next step is to assess the casualty’s condition. Check for circulation, check their airway and check if they are breathing. If the casualty is not breathing, start CPR immediately and continue until medical professionals arrive.

Prevent Deterioration

The first aider must do everything they can to prevent the condition from worsening. Keep the casualty stable by making sure they are comfortable and safe. Remember not to move the casualty if they are in severe pain or are likely to be seriously injured.

Promote Recovery

Perform simple first aid steps if necessary. It is now the first aider’s responsibility to promote the recovery of the casualty. Offer them support, encourage confidence in them, attempt to relieve their pain, and reassure them. Offer the casualty sympathy and let them know that you are with them.

Though these steps may seem obvious, it is likely that individuals may become panicked when faced with an emergency. By learning the three P’s of first aid, you are giving yourself the necessary skills to deal with such situations, should you ever face them.

First Aid In Wirral

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