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Counterbalance Truck Training Course

Counterbalance trucks are the most common type of forklift truck. They are used across a wide variety of industries for numerous applications, with a range of attachments available to suit the needs of the operator and the load to be handled. These trucks have forks protruding from the front of the machine, meaning that they can be driven up to the exact location of the load or racking.

Counterbalance trucks are available as electric, gas or diesel powered and can include a three-wheeled model that provides better manoeuvrability in narrow aisles. It is essential for anyone who wishes to operate one of these trucks to receive the appropriate level of training. If the truck is overloaded then the forklift can tip over, causing potential harm to the operator as well as the property.

Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck Training In Wirral

TL Training provide counterbalance fork lift truck training courses in Wirral and across the surrounding areas. The course is completely jargon free and your trainer will offer you full support throughout your training.

Course Content

The counterbalance truck training course covers the following:

  • Lift truck controls and instruments
  • Starting/moving/stopping and steering the truck
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • On/off ramp driving
  • Vehicle loading and unloading
  • Stacking and de-stacking
  • Lift truck stability
  • The operators safety code

Course duration

(Based on three adults)

  • • Novice: 32.5 hours / 5 days
  • • Experienced: 6.5 hours / 1 day
  • • Refresher: 19.5 hours / 3 day
  • • Conversion: 13 hours / 2 days

Contact Us

If you are interested in undertaking one of our counterbalance truck training courses in Wirral call us today on 0151 343 0588. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We run fork lift truck training courses in Wirral and across the surrounding areas.

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