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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the world’s largest health and safety membership body, with 44,000 members in 99 countries.

By adhering to their various policies and procedures, you can be sure you’re employing the most effective methods possible when it comes to your workplace’s safety. With the intention of raising standards in the field of health and safety management across all industries, IOSH’s purpose is to help make workplaces safer for individuals.

What Are the Different IOSH Training Courses?

There are two main courses that come under the IOSH umbrella – Managing Safely, and Working Safely.

Working Safely is aimed at employees and ensures that they are made aware of the best practices regarding health and safety in the workplace.

In contrast, Managing Safely is aimed at employees in supervisory roles (such as managers or team leaders) and ensures that they know how to keep their team leaders safe within the workplace. IOSH recommends that qualified candidates undertake a refresher course within a three-year period.

What Does the IOSH Managing Safely Course Entail?

Aimed at team leaders, the IOSH Managing Safely course focuses on keeping your workplace’s employees safe. In the three-day course, managers will be taught about the main hazards within a workplace and how to protect their subordinate employees against them.

The course covers:

  • • Responsibilities for health and safety
  • • Hazard identification
  • • Assessing and controlling risks
  • • Accident investigation
  • • Measuring performance

Once completed, managers will have the confidence and know-how to drive increases in health and safety standards and improve the awareness and safety cultures of their teams.

What Does the IOSH Working Safely Course Entail?

Aimed at all employees across all organisations, the one-day IOSH Working Safely course is designed to help people maintain a healthy and sustainable workplace. IOSH training is vital for companies that want to ensure their work practices are healthy, safe, and sustainable. This body represents international safety and health standards for many different sectors. Thus, IOSH training courses are the best way to make sure you are adhering to these regulations. They can also be used to gain more skills in your role or put towards new qualifications outside of work.

TL Training has some fantastic IOSH training options. So without further ado, let’s run you through what you need to know regarding these well-regarded workplace safety training courses.

What Is IOSH?

This course covers the main hazards in a workplace and teaches employees how to identify, assess risks and control them.

This course covers:

  • • Identifying health and safety hazards
  • • Defining and assessing risks
  • • Developing risk mitigation strategies
  • • Improving individual health and safety performance

Where Can You Receive IOSH Training in Wirral?

Where you are looking to take the Managing Safely or Working Safely course (or even a refresher) TL Training is Wirral’s premier health and safety training company and is a fully accredited provider of IOSH training courses (you can only receive IOSH training from an approved provider such as TL Training).

We offer all IOSH training courses at our Wirral training centre, helping businesses to foster and cultivate safer and more productive working environments.

If you would like to learn more regarding the courses and availability, feel free to head over to our IOSH training page. Alternatively, if you wish to book today or have any further questions regarding IOSH training, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 0151 343 0588.

If you have any questions about a specific course then please get in touch.
We’ll be happy to discuss your training requirements.

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